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$15 Off Your First Course

Take $15 off your first course with us. Use code "first-course" when checking out.

Large Group Discount $315 per course

Gather six or more teachers and receive a Large Group Discount. Have one person email the names of those planning to register. We'll email back a coupon code, valid for 14 days, to be shared among the group members registering.

During these 14 days, registrants may enroll in up to six courses at this price per semester.

*Group members do not need to register for the same courses.

Send the email to info@teacherspai.com

Course of the Year (2022-2023) $315

Teaching Trauma-Affected Students is essential for any teacher looking for a deeper understanding of the behaviors and needs associated with trauma-affected students.

Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, we are offering this 3-semester credit course for $315 (includes university credit).

Teaching Trauma-Affected Students

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