Technology in the Classroom (K12)


Sonny Magana’s T3 Framework presented in his book, Disruptive Classroom Technologies, explores why schools have obtained underwhelming results from the large scale implementation of technologies in the past decade. His conclusion is that schools (and teachers) default to using technology at “Translational” level. To achieve better results, he advocates for more thoughtful uses of technology. Magana presents a framework, aimed at teachers, to help identify, categorize and plan student learning with technology.

The T3 Framework categorizes technology use into three distinct levels: Translational, Transformational and Transcendent. Unlike other classification models Magana’s focuses on technology use by teachers and its integration within schools. The book shows when technology use is appropriate and gives examples of how teachers might use technology at each stage of his framework.

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This course is equivalent to 3 semester hours or 4.5 quarter hours. It is a graduate level course and intended for K-12 educators who have completed a bachelor’s degree. It is recommended that you receive board or district approval before registering with Teachers’ Professional Advancement Institute.

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