• Coursebook (purchased separately)
  • Syllabus (file)
  • Course Assignments (file)
  • Computer
The Syllabus and Course Assignments are available for immediate download after Checkout.
See the "About Our Courses" section of our website for more information and example Course Assignment files. You may request a syllabus from any course by writing to us at: info@teacherspai.com.
You may obtain a $15 discount for each course if you are registering with two or more educators. Have one person email the names of those wishing to register beforehand to info@teacherspai.com. We will send a coupon code valid for 14 days.
All our courses are designated as (ED501) graduate-level courses through CSU-Pueblo. To enroll, you must hold a Bachelors degree.
Any of our (ED501) courses may be used as electives to fulfill online M.Ed. program requirements at CSU-Pueblo.
CSU-Pueblo is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The HLC is one of the official regional accreditation agencies recognized by the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. The HLC replaced the former North Central Association of Colleges and Schools for higher education accreditation.
After enrolling with TPAI, but before the semester ends, you will need to be registered with Colorado State University-Pueblo. You will need to be in their system to obtain graduate credits and official transcripts. The directions for this process will be sent by email after registration. TPAI's course fees include all enrollment fees for CSU-Pueblo.
­­­­­­­­­­­­­See "TPAI Courses" for current enrollment and coursework submission dates. Teachers’ Professional Advancement Institute will process and evaluate your work within 7-10 business days of receiving it in our office. Once evaluated, grades will be sent to CSU-Pueblo for processing. Grades may be posted sooner than seven days depending on the time in the term and the volume of work being submitted to the instructor. After the grades have been entered into the system by the CSU-Pueblo, you can check your grades through your CSU-Pueblo PAWS account. You may also request an official transcript to be sent from your PAWS account. Information regarding setting up a student account at CSU-Pueblo will be sent with our welcome email.
See "TPAI Courses." We follow CSU-Pueblo's semester schedule regarding registration and ending dates. Since these are independent studies, you may begin work immediately after you enroll with us (which may be before the semester officially starts or after it begins). You may enroll in courses anytime within the registration window.
Ordering your own coursebook allows us to offer our courses at a lower cost and gives you the flexibility to start sooner. You may wish to check out the book from a library, share among colleagues or buy it used. Alternatively, many of our coursebooks are available for download electronically (Amazon Kindle), if you wish to start the course immediately.
Submit all completed coursework as an email attachment at the completion of the course. Include your name and course title in the subject line. Submit all assignments as a PDF or Word Document. Assignments may be attached as one file or as separate files.
Unofficial transcripts from CSU-Pueblo are free and available online after grades have been posted. Official transcripts from CSU-Pueblo are currently $10 (electronic) or $12 (by mail).