Inquiry in the Classroom, Technology in the Classroom and Teaching with Mindfulness are offered as ED500 or ED501 courses. All other courses are ED501.

ED500 vs. ED501

May be used toward CSU's online M.Ed. program
Graduate level credit
From a regionally accredited (Higher Learning Commision) University (CSU-Pueblo)
Participants to have a Bachelor's of Arts Degree (B.A.).
3 semester (4.5 quarter) credits
GradesPass/FailLetter Grade (A-F)
Required Hours45112.5

One size doesn’t fit all when navigating teacher continuing education requirements from district to district or state to state! We now offer our graduate courses in two formats: ED500 or our ED501 to better meet your salary advancement requirements and/or professional development needs.

The most common requirement from districts and states is that continuing education courses must be (1) at a graduate level and (2) from a regionally accredited university. Both our ED500 and ED501 courses fulfill these requirements.

Some districts require courses to directly come from a graduate or Master’s program. Our ED501 courses meet this requirement and are approved as part of CSU-Pueblo’s online M.Ed. program. You do not need to be admitted to this graduate program to take these courses, but they will count towards CSU-Pueblo’s online M.Ed. if you are enrolled in that program.

If your district does not require your graduate credits to come from a “degree seeking” or Master’s Degree program, then our “non-degree seeking” ED500 graduate level courses may be a better fit.

Our new ED500 and ED501 courses are independent studies and share a common course structure. Our inquiry based model of learning has three parts: educators will learn new material (pedagogy), further research topics (guided inquiry), and then create a personalized learning plan that best applies the course learning to their teaching role. The following courses follow this structure: Technology in the Classroom, Inquiry in the Classroom and Teaching with Mindfulness.

You may download the Course Assignments files below to see the different requirements for both types of courses.

ED500 Technology in the Classroom Course Assignment file

ED501 Technology in the Classroom Course Assignment file

All our other courses are independent book studies and designated as ED501. See the Course Assignment file below.

ED501 Think Like Socrates Course Assignment file (book study format)