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Accepted in all 50 States

Most districts and states require that continuing education courses be (1) at a graduate level and (2) from a regionally accredited university. TPAI courses (all of which run through CSU-Pueblo) meet both of these requirements.

If your district additionally requires that credits be from a graduate program, all TPAI courses meet this criterion, too.

See salary advancement & license renewal requirements for your state.

District Salary Advancement

Our accredited graduate level courses (ED501) meet the criteria for salary advancement for K-12 licensed teachers in all 50 states.

Please follow your district’s procedures/guidelines when registering for our graduate courses as each district sets its own policies.

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

TPAI is a partner in Colorado State University-Pueblo’s online M.Ed. program. If you are enrolled in that program, our affordable and flexible courses can help fulfill your graduate credit requirements. Click here to learn more.

State License Renewal

Nearly all states (a few have alternative requirements) accept TPAI coursework for teacher re-certification or license renewal. Learn more about the license renewal requirements in your state.

Inside Our Courses

Whether you’re an elementary, middle, high school, or specialist teacher, you’ll love the flexibility to work independently on assignments that directly impact your teaching.

All of our courses follow a similar format:

Assignment #1 (Building Background Knowledge)

Read the coursebook (see courses).

Assignment #2 (Assessment)

Respond in writing to questions based on the coursebook reading.

Assignment #3 (Personalized Research)

Dig deeper into course content by exploring and researching the ideas and topics that interest you most. You’ll write a paper tying what you learned to your specific teaching role.

Assignment #4 (Personalized Practice)

Our fourth assignment will give you the opportunity to move from theory to practice. You’ll choose from a variety of activities (writing lesson plans, designing curriculum, practicing strategies, collaborating with colleagues, creating materials, etc.) that will tie course content to your immediate teaching needs.

Course Assignments Example

Download the Course Assignment file below to see specific assignments and requirements for:

ED501 Strategies for Close Reading

What Teachers are Saying…

Very helpful taking this course so close to the start of a new school year.

Teaching with Mindfulness

Art Teacher

These courses are reasonably priced and allow working teachers to apply learning right away.

Engaging Students through Curiosity

Middle School Math Teacher

I enjoyed the challenge and the material. For a person who hasn’t taken a graduate class in years, I appreciated how organized the syllabus was with the course expectations.

Supporting Autistic Students in Inclusive Classrooms

Speech Pathologist (SLP)

The instructor was helpful with useful feedback.

Technology in the Classroom

Grade 3 Teacher

This course gave me the opportunity to dive into work that impacts my English learners. I enjoyed the personalized learning portion of the assignments.

Developing Growth Mindsets

EL Teacher

The course syllabus gave very precise assignment expectations and I appreciated being able to work at my own pace.

A Proactive and Collaborative Approach to Behavioral Management

Grade 1 Teacher

Loved the book and course assignments.

A Strengths Based Approach to Neurodiversity

Speech Pathologist (SLP)

“Integrating Technology” was very relevant during distancing learning and as I prepare for next year. Great resources for using technology efficiently and effectively.

Integrating Technology

Middle School Art Teacher

This course was amazing. I learned so much useful information that I can implement in my class.

Principles of Master Teachers

Grade 5 Language Arts Teacher

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