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Thanks for stopping by Teachers’ Professional Advancement Institute (TPAI). We offer accredited graduate credits for K12 teachers that will support your professional development needs. Here’s how we can help:

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Master’s Degree: This new and unique Master of Education program is a partnership between Teachers’ Professional Advancement Institute (TPAI) and Colorado State University-Pueblo. By working through us, you can have access to an extremely affordable and highly flexible online Master’s Degree program. Click here to learn more about how we can provide you with a personalized education.

Salary Advancement

Salary Advancement: All our courses are accredited and taught at a graduate level (post-baccalaureate) so you must hold a B.A. to take them. These courses fulfill salary advancement criteria in all 50 states, but since each district sets its own policies we recommend checking with your school district before registering. Courses taken through our partnership with CSU-Pueblo may count towards a Master’s Degree in Education through CSU-Pueblo if you are enrolled in that program at a later date.

Accreditation Map: CSU-Pueblo is “regionally accredited” by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) recognize only six organizations for such purposes. Each of these organizations works to make sure universities are held to the same high standards so that coursework taken at one regionally accredited institution will be accepted in all states. Districts in all states allow for “regionally accredited” universities for salary advancement purposes. However, since each district sets its own policies, it is your responsibility to check your district requirements before registering for any course.

Teacher License Renewal

Teacher License Renewal: Nearly all states accept CSU-Pueblo courses for teacher re-certification or license renewal graduate coursework. To our knowledge, New York and Illinois have alternative requirements for re-certification. Visit your state department website for your specific state requirements before registering for any course for teacher re-certification or license renewal. If you further questions about state requirements for teacher re-certification or license renewal email us at info@teacherspai.com.

CEU Credits

CEU Credits: If you don’t need college credits, you may enroll in any course and receive a certificate from Teachers’ Professional Advancement Institute showing you completed 45 contact hours. Contact us directly at info@teacherspai.com if you would like to take a class for non-credit CEU purposes. We will help you enroll in any of our courses at a discounted price.

TPAI courses are independent studies based on authors and educators that have had a proven impact on education. We take their ideas and practices and help you implement them into the classroom—guiding you from theory to practice. We offer current courses on developing a growth mindset, building empathy, gifted education, teaching ELL’s, brain development and more.

Our courses are: 1. Relevant–you’ll find the outstanding, innovative and exceptional leaders who are paving the way with ideas and practices for today’s schools. 2. Flexible–you’ll be able to work within a busy schedule at your preferred time. 3. Affordable–we aim to be the highest quality, low cost provider of graduate credits for teachers ($320-$350 for a 3 semester graduate credit course). Not sure? Click on our Start a Course for Free link.

Read through our course descriptions to find what suits your needs as an educator.

Study at your preferred place and at your preferred time. There are no required physical or online meetings. Complete the work around your schedule and then submit it to us before the end of the semester term. Click on registration dates to see enrollment and end of term dates.

Registration is fast; the syllabus and course requirements can be downloaded after enrolling, allowing you to start immediately!