Salary Advancement and License Renewal

Welcome to Teachers’ Professional Advancement Institute (TPAI). Through our partnership with Colorado State University-Pueblo, we provide affordable, accredited, graduate-level courses that are accepted in all fifty states.

Your Space, Your Pace

TPAI’s personalized format allows you to direct your learning to meet your specific teaching needs. With no required online or physical meetings, you will be able to work independently at your preferred space and pace.

We offer:

  • Personalized, relevant and topical courses
  • 3-semester credits per course (equivalent to 4.5 quarter credits)
  • Graduate-level coursework (ED501)
  • Career/Salary advancement
  • Affordability
  • Distance coursework
  • Acceptance in all 50 states* (click to see your state)
  • Enrollment of up to six courses per semester
  • Accreditation through CSU-Pueblo (all fees included)

TPAI Courses: Where Theory Meets Practice

Our self-paced ED501 (graduate level) courses are independent studies and share a standard course structure designed to support your specific teaching role. Our inquiry-based model of learning has three parts: educators will build background knowledge (Theory), further research topics (Research), and implement new learning into their teaching role (Practice). Watch our video to learn more about each assignment.

Personalized and Flexible Assignments

Whether you’re an elementary, middle, high school, or specialist teacher, you’ll love the flexibility to work independently on assignments that directly impact your teaching.

Read the coursebook (see courses).

Respond in writing to questions based on the coursebook reading.

Explore and research the course ideas and topics that interest you most. You’ll write a paper tying what you learned to your specific teaching role.

Choose from various activities (writing lesson plans, designing curriculum, practicing strategies, collaborating with colleagues, creating materials, etc.) that will tie course content to your immediate teaching needs.

TPAI’s four assignments will guide you from theory to practice. You’ll have the flexibility to complete each assignment at your own pace.


Start Immediately

No waiting–you’ll be able to start your course(s) today! Head to our courses to enroll or learn more about how TPAI courses will support your teaching needs.